Learn How to Play 3 Patti

One of the most popular Indian gambling games is Teen Patti. Normally people play this game in a group of 3 to 6 people. For this game, a deck of 52 cards is used without joker cards. Each player is distributed with three cards which are faced down. Before dealing with the cards, all the players will decide the amount and collect it from each player. The boot amount is the minimum stake that is put in the centre of the table. Now as the game progresses, the pot money will start increasing and will be won by the winner of that hand. This winner will still be in the game till there is full completion of the hand. The player with the best hand on the cards is provided with the ranking discussed below. The raking is from high to low, and let's have a look at them.

  • Trail or Set (Three cards of the same rank),
  • Pure Sequence ,
  • Sequence (or run),
  • Colour,
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank), and
  • High card.

The highest rank sequence is A-K-Q, and the second-highest rank is A-2-3.

Playing Teen Patti: Each player in the same will contribute the boot money and gets three cards faced downwards. Now the player who is next to the dealer is in the direction of the clockwise direction. The player has the option to place the bet for the game without seeing the cards, or he can also see the cards and bet on the game. As soon as the player sees his cards, he/she will play Chaal or may have other options depending upon the progress of the game. The player that places the bet without seeing cards is known as a blind player. The player that sees the cards and then places the bet is referred to as the seen player.

Blind player: It is very important for the blind player not to see the cards. The player is provided with options like to play blind, pack, and show if available. If the player wants to play blind, he can easily put the bet amount in the pot. The blind pet amount can be equal to the current stake or double the current stake amount. The current stake amount is the boot amount in the case of the first player. If the first player is the blind player, the player needs to get up on the same boot amount or the amount that is twice the boot amount.

Stake amount: The bet of the amount placed by the Blind player becomes the stake amount for the next player. In the case of seen players, the bet amount will become half for the next players. Of the next player is blind player, the bet amount will become equal to the stake amount of twice it.

The blind player can ask the last opponent player to show cards in the game. This is the blind show, and after asking the last player to show cards, the cards are visible in the pot, and the winner will get the pot.

Seen player: In the game, there can be a seen player that once sees his/her cards and after that only places bet or chaal. There are two options available to seen players i.e., Show and Side show. Once the person sees all the cards, he must play his/ her chaal according to the game unless the player gets another option to be in the game.

a) Chaal: To be in the game, the seen player must play chaal or the sideshow if available. All the chaal players need to put the bet amount in the bot. The bet amount for the seen players is equal to twice of current stake or four times the stake. In case the previous player was the seen player, the stake amount for the next player will become half of the bet amount.

b) Sideshow: A seen player can ask for the sideshow that means to compare your cards with the cads of the previous player. This can only be done if the previous player was also seen and there are no more players left in the game. For the sideshow, the bet amount is equal to or twice the current stake pot. The previous player is provided with the option of accepting or rejecting the request of a sideshow.

If the sideshow request is accepted and the previous player has better cards than the current player, then the current player must pack. If the current player's cards are better than the previous player, then the previous player must pack. Once the one player out of two has packed, the turn will pass on to the next player.

In case the request for the sideshow is denied, no player can see the cards of the other player, and both the players are still in the game. Automatically, the turn will pass to the next player.

Limited stake and Unlimited Stake Tables: Whenever the person plays Teen Patti for the first time, the player should play with the limited stake table. In the limited first stake table, the boot amount is 2, the player can play a maximum of 4 blinds, the maximum chaal to be played in the game can be 256, and the pot limit is only 2048. When the pot limit is reached to a maximum limit, all the players in the game are forced to show their cards, and the winning player will get the pot.

In the next level of limited tables, the boot amount will become 4. Still, the player has a maximum of 4 blinds, and the maximum chaal will be 512. Now the pot limit will increase up to 4096. All the players who have played many hands and still have many chips play on the higher-level tables.